Attention : Savvy Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Work at Home Women, Women in Business, Work at Home Moms, Coaches, Authors and those that aspire to be
Do you still believe? Believe that you have an incredible gift to share with the world. Believe that you will succeed and realize your divine destiny?

Or Does the idea of realizing significant life and business success elude you and cause you to have thoughts of giving up?

Are you held back from playing a bigger game but don't quite know why?

Do you struggle with maintaining momentum and motivation?

Get Empowered!

Read some of what Robin's Clients have said

One of America's leading Empowerment Coaches will share incredible mini-micro modules and exercises to help you gain a competitive advantage in your relationships, business, work, spiritual and personal life.

Some of what will be covered.....

  • Self discovery

  • Barriers to Empowerment

  • Building blocks for Empowerment

  • Unleash the Power of your Mind (attract clients, lead a healthier lifestyle, attract healthier relationships)

  • Power of Attraction (not necessarily based on the law of attraction)

  • Unleash your money mindset

  • Must have productivity secrets to assist you in leveraging your time

  • List Building Strategies to help you connect with prospects/clients
         Including the new Twitter Challenge 

  • Empowering insights for the Work at Home Woman

You will also receive the dynamic experience of Robin's passionate coaching sessions.

The focus of this group program is on How to empower your life and business through,
mini micro-modules, techniques and strategies.

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Find Passion, Meaning & Balance
Health & Fitness, Downsize & Simplify Life

What if 60 minutes could change your life?

You'll receive 3 power-packed 60 minute Boost Camp sessions.
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Experience the synergy energy of being connected
with like-minded women in WEMB the community

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Tap into your brilliance, realize mindset breakthroughs and Get EMPOWERED!!

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Email Support
You will receive email support to enhance the effectiveness of this program.
Simply send an email and Robin will respond within 24 - 48 hours

A Value of over $147
Access documents and audio replays
Don't worry about missing a call you receive access to all of the audio replays
and supporting documents

A Value of over $197

Follow up session
You've experienced an incredible journey during The Women's Empowerment Boost Camp.
We add more fun at the end of the Boost Camp. We'll go over key areas. We will hear your concerns
about where you are after experiencing the dynamic components of the Boost camp and where you'd like to be and more! Robin will also provide a short Q & A period during this session.

A Value of over $247

Get started today for only $167 or 3 easy payments of  $67

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One definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting different results. Do something positively different today!

See you there.

Your's for empowerment...

The Dynamite "Authentic Life" Empowerment
Mentor,Coach,Trainer and Public speaker
to women across the world
Also Author of upcoming book
"The Dynamic Power of Focus for unstoppable women"

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                                "Robin Tramble is a one of a kind person who is a leader who exhibits leadership to those                                    who want to pursue  and gain excellence in their own lives.  Her Leadership and                                                 Empowerment Coaching Program is for women that want to change their mindset of                                           taking control of their lives and becoming leaders in their own lives.  Whether you are                                          wanting to start a new business, write a book or embark a new venture, her 10 week                                           program will give biblical foundation and minister to the heart of the matter, you!."
                                 Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program

Jewel Williams
Founder of Jeweled Ministries

First, let me say that I definitely enjoyed the class and was disappointed that our time was cut so short.  I think we could have easily spent another four weeks on the materials you had for us. Second, I wanted to thank you for being obedient to God and agreeing to teach the class.  The hand-outs were good.  I liked the fact that you referenced scripture with all of your keys points.               
  Tanishia Roberts   Women Empowered For Success

"This was my first time attending your class, but I gained a wealth of
information that I will apply to my daily life. It will be a huge benefit to my life -
Spiritually, physically and emotionally.You are an awesome woman of God!  
S. Freeman.   Women Empowered For Success

A new component:
The Twitter Challenge
Learn more below
One of my success statements was related to me exercising on a regular basis. While I am not grossly overweight,  I was carrying more weight than my small frame could handle. I knew this because my knees started to hurt constantly. After emailing Robin my success statements, I committed to it. In addition to exercising I actually went a step further and did some clean up in my diet. I can report today that I have lost 5 pounds to date. I feel better and my knees don't hurt nearly as much.

I also sent in my limiting belief. At first I did not feel as if I had one but through prayer I found that I did. And it was a big one! I have proceeded with my action steps and praise God, He has confirmed what I needed confirmation of. I'm still doing both action steps and I know these will keep me moving forward toward success. I would never have identified this had Robin not challenged us with this. Thank you Robin!"
Mari Taylor

Extraordinary Woman Extraordinary life Silver Group Coaching program
Yes, Robin I'm ready to Turbo-boost my life and business!
"Discover How you too can Get Empowered. Master your mindset. Boost your confidence and realize empowering life and business success… SO You Can Lead the Lifestyle You Want and increase your bottome line even in this economy…"